Czytam po polsku. 12 opowiadań z ćwiczeniami

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  • Author: Paulina Lipiec
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The book Czytam po polsku. 12 opowiadań z ćwiczeniami. (“I read in Polish. Twelve short stories with exercises.”) includes:

  • 12 short stories at levels A2-B1,
  • exercises assessing comprehension of written text, 
  • lexical and grammar exercises under each short story, 
  • PL/EN glossary + idioms,
  • the answer key, 
  • cultural annotations. 

The exercises included in “I read in Polish. Twelve short stories with exercises.” are intended for individual work but can also be used as supplementary material by teachers in group courses. Students can use “I read in Polish.” as additional material supporting preparation for the level B1 certification exam.


The short stories are succinct and rich in content. Each constitutes a separate storyline that evokes various emotions in the reader: from laughter, through anger, to feelings of thrill or emotional upheaval.


Language used in “I read in Polish. Twelve short stories with exercises” is simple, but thanks to this uncomplicated structure the reader is able to follow the narrative without any problems. All the short stories are about the everyday life of various Poles and each story contains a moral, a lesson - not only about the correct formulation of sentences. The stories are open-ended and can motivate the student to write a continuation (thus practicing new skills). “I read in Polish. Twelve stories with exercises” are not only short stories with corresponding tasks but also a chance to learn new skills: summarizing a story, interpretation and argumentation as well as expressing yourself on a given topic (and it should be noted that each short story motivates you to speak about a different area of life).

If you want to experience an extraordinary approach to learning Polish, choose Czytam po polsku. 12 opowiadań z ćwiczeniami, the language of which is casual, and the characters’ dialogue realistic and natural.