For Booksellers

Bookstores and wholesalers wishing to become distributors books of our publishing house should kindly contact us by e-mail at  or by phone at +48 12 6384525 in order to establish the terms and conditions.

To place orders online, please go to

Registration is required before you can place your first order (you set you own password and the email address which you want to use)

After registration you have to wait for the previously agreed discount to be assigned to your account, about which you will be informed by a separate e-mail. The discounted price will be visible after you login.


In the case of a chain bookstore, with the same billing details and with the same contractual terms, the procedure remains the same. Each branch has to register its own account, with its own e-mail address.

Online bookstore orders are always verified with the accounting system.

We hope that the system will facilitate your shopping, minimize the risk of errors and keep you up-to-date with the entire range of our publishing house.

Thanks to our online ordering service, you'll have access to information about each stage
of processing of your order. You will also be able to track shipment on the basis of
the consignment number that we will provide you with.

Bookstores with European Tax Identification Number, please be careful to select the option: “I have EU VAT” each and every time you make a purchase. This step is necessary to make a purchase that is exempt from Polish VAT. When you select this option, the system verifies if the VAT number is active.