SPEED-UP YOUR ENGLISH PLUS - Vocabulary at work

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  • Author: Justyna Krztoń, Ron Mukerji
  • ISBN: 978-83-60229-79-8; 978-83-60229-80-4
  • Year: 2015
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  • Pages: 122
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The book Vocabulary at work is aimed at learners who need English in their workplace and wish to improve their vocabulary quickly through fun and engaging exercises.
The learner will find a lot of information about the realities of the labour market. There are interesting facts included in the book to help the learner retain the target vocabulary.
To make the book friendly to the self-study learner, an answer key and multi-lingual glossary are included. In this glossary you will find all of the words and phrases
which are either to be matched to illustrations or which appear in vocabulary boxes. The exercises from Vocabulary at work can also be effectively used in a classroom environment.
The suggested CEFR level is A2–B2.

The book VOCABULARY AT WORK features:

  • 70 vocabulary tests + key
  • a variety of stimulating tasks - multiple choice, gap-fills, cartoons, matching exercises and many more
  • dictionary ENG - PL - DE - IT - ESP - RUS
  • tip for learners
  • realities of the labour market
 The book is ideal for self-study and clasroom use.