Ortografia polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców

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  • Author: Elżbieta Zarych
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  • Year: 2016
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"Ortografia polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców" is the first comprehensive collection of exercises of Polish orthography written specifically for foreigners. The author, Dr. Elizabeth Zarych, has used her experience gained at the Jagiellonian University in the course of working with students, including Erasmus scholarship holders and translators.

Issues that are particularly problematic for foreigners are comprehensively presented In 10 chapters. The rules of spelling are explained in detail and are accompanied by a variety of exercises, among which are:

  • Pronunciation- spelling exercises,
  • Word formation exercises,
  • Clozes,
  • Grammar tables,
  • Diagrams,
  • Language games,
  • Recipes,
  • Literary works,
  • Songs,
  • Dictations.

In the learning of orthography, funny pictures also help in memorizing rules.
The book can be used both as a self-learning book (answer key included) as well as a book to be used by a teacher in a classroom.
The book includes  a CD with MP3 audio recordings of exercises as well as dictations read at different speeds.
The mp3 files can also be download from the web - using code from the CD.

ElŻbieta Zarych






Elżbieta Zarych - PhD in Humanities, Polish philologist, specialist in comparative language studies, translator of German and Italian literature,  editor. She gives  lectures, among others,   on Polish language and culture at the Jagiellonian University to scholarship students of Erasmus and for related programs at the Center for Polish Language and Culture in the World. She is the author of numerous books and treatises devoted to Polish literature and comparative studies, issues of language and correctness as well as publications of education, lexicons and dictionaries.