Gramatyka polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców

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  • Author: Wiesław Tomasz Stefańczyk, Agnieszka Dixon
  • ISBN: 978-83-60229-43-9
  • Year: 2023, 1st Ed.
  • Pages: 312
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Gramatyka polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców is a textbook designed for beginner foreigners who are learning at levels A1 and A2.


The textbook consists of 9 main chapters:

  • grammatical gender,
  • noun,
  • adjective,
  • adverb,
  • pronoun,
  • numeral,
  • verb,
  • syntax,
  • preposition.


Each of them is composed of subchapters addressing specific grammatical topics taught at the A1+ level. Theoretical explanations are accompanied by corresponding exercises. Polish Grammar in Exercises for Foreigners is suitable for self-study as well as supplementary material for courses.


Within the textbook, you will find:

  • precise grammatical explanations (even-numbered pages),
  • systematic exercises (odd-numbered pages),
  • illustrations presenting individual topics,
  • information on the frequency of use of grammatical structures,
  • interesting facts about Polish grammar,
  • key for exercises.


Example pages: