DVD Video do HURRA!!! PO POLSKU 3 Podręcznik studenta. Nowa Edycja.

  • Manufacturer: Prolog
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  • Author: Agnieszka Dixon, Agnieszka Jasińska, Małgorzata Małolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz
  • ISBN: 978-83-947848-8-1
  • Year: 2021, 1
  • pcs.
  • Net Price: 28.46 zł 35.00 zł

DVD - HURRA!!! PO POLSKU 3 Student's handbook. The New Edition includes 16 short films. Each of them is available with, and without, subtitles, which makes it easier for the student to understand the dialogue. Film scenes not only make learning more attractive, but also increase the effectiveness of learning.

Videos are also available in the PROLOG Augmented App (Android, iOS), when purchasing the Student's Book. Here they can be purchased separately - for use in video players or computers, in programs with DVD playback function. 

Duration: 46 minutes