Krzyżówki dla uczących się języka polskiego

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  • Author: Marcin Maciołek, Agnieszka Madeja
  • ISBN: 978-83-961550-2-3
  • Year: 2021, 1
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  • Pages: 12
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KRZYŻÓWKI DLA UCZĄCYCH SIĘ JĘZYKA POLSKIEGO (CROSSWORDS FOR Learners of the Polish language)is aimed at those starting their adventure with the Polish language. The aim of the work is to systematize and consolidate the vocabulary introduced at the A1 level.

The thematically grouped lexis has been presented in an attractive form of 22 crosswords, in which, instead of traditional, i.e. verbal, explanations to individual entries, illustrations were used. The learners focus only on the vocabulary related to a specific topic and do not encounter difficulties in understanding the description of the entries.

KRZYŻÓWKI DLA UCZĄCYCH SIĘ JĘZYKA POLSKIEGO will be perfect both for individual work (e.g. as an aid for revisions) and for lessons (e.g. as an original summary of classes)