Książki z serii Polski w ćwiczeniach to obszerne zestawy ćwiczeń dla obcokrajowców na wyższych poziomach zaawansowania językowego.

Zestawy te pomyślane są jako intensywne treningi językowe z wykorzystaniem szerokiego spektrum technik pracy i działań językowych: receptywnych, produktywnych i mediacyjnych. Proponowane kręgi tematyczne zgodne są z Programami nauczania języka polskiego jako obcego oraz Standardami wymagań egzaminacyjnych (MEN, 2016). Poszczególne części serii Polski w ćwiczeniach (Ortografia polska, Słownictwo polskie i Viva Polonia - Wiedza o Polsce /w przygotowaniu/) mogą być wykorzystane zarówno do pracy samodzielnej jak i pod kierunkiem nauczyciela. Wspierają one autonomię studentów w nauce języka polskiego jako obcego.

Ortografia polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców

Ortografia polska w ćwiczeniach dla obco...

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"Ortografia polska w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców" is the first comprehensive collection of exercises of Polish orthography written specifically for foreigners. The author, Dr. Elizabeth Zarych, has used her experience gained at the Jagiellonian University in the course of working with students, including Erasmus scholarship holders and translators. Issues that are particularly problematic for foreigners are comprehensively presented In 10 chapters. The rules of spelling are explained in detail and are accompanied by a variety of exercises, among which are: Pronunciation- spelling exercises, Word formation exercises, Clozes, Grammar tables, Diagrams, Language games, Recipes, Literary works, Songs, Dictations. In the learning of orthography, funny pictures also help in memorizing rules. The book can be used both as a self-learning book (answer key included) as well as a book to be used by a teacher in a classroom. The book includes  a CD with MP3 audio recordings of exercises as well as dictations read at different speeds. The mp3 files can also be download from the web - using code from the CD.

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Słownictwo polskie w ćwiczeniach dla obcokrajowców

Słownictwo polskie w ćwiczeniach dla obc...

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Polish vocabulary in exercises (Słownictwo polskie w ćwiczeniach) is a collection of exercises arranged thematically which are geared toward foreigners learning the Polish language at the B2 level. Mastering the vocabulary, put together in this book, will enable them to undertake and effectively implement of a broad spectrum of linguistic functions: receptive, productive, and mediation, because ... they will not be at a loss for words. The collection consists of 20 thematic units, assembled in 4 modules finishing with "a test of vocabulary." Each unit contains several varied exercises. They enable learners to hone their skills of both self-discovery of the meaning of new words and  recording them, as well as using them in various activities. In the exercises, most of which are based on texts about current moving problems, the following techniques were used: • matching words with their definitions; • open and controlled clozes; • text completion using given words; • collocation completion; • matching set phrases; • register transformation; • paraphrasing; • word transformation; • word puzzles; • formulation of lexically controlled responses  (brief or expanded). Polish vocabulary in exercises (Słownictwo polskie w ćwiczeniach) can be used as a textbook to work with, under the guidance of a teacher. The book will also be helpful to learners in their independent globetrotting search for words.

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