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Interactive Language Learning Adventure on DVD
Over 3 hours of sound material - authentic dialogues - Subtitles - Dictionary - Speaking Objects - Interactive Exercises - In German and English (only cover in German)

Playful Learning

When playing lost in... you search for clues, try to understand what is being said, interpret signs, and make sense of information, or in short: you try to understand the world around you. Everything you hear, read, see and find can help you solve the mystery. You learn the necessary language knowledge in your detective work in the game, but of course we give you some help on the way.

Learning framework

lost in… is aimed at teenage and adult learners with little previous knowledge, beginners with language learning experience, and advanced learners who want an playful way to freshen up and broaden their knowledge. There are various learning aids available and their use is optional. By choosing your desired combination of learning aids, you can match the difficulty of lost in… to your individual language proficiency and learning needs. Learning tips offer you orientation help and advice on how lost in... can be most effectively played.
The learning game and the learning platform provide learning material for levels A1, A2 and in some parts the vocabulary for level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The comprehensive learning help will ensure, also for inexperienced computer users, that your language learning will be a success and that you will enjoy playing the game. First aid can be found in the handbook on the DVD, in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and in the Walkthrough accompanying the DVD.